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The modern world we live in is one ruled by technology, so it is key for young people to build a solid understanding of digital technologies and how to leverage them to produce effective solutions to problems.

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Explicitly teaching the knowledge component of digital technologies, explore engaging online lessons that maximise student learning growth through an extensive range of innovative resources.

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Digital Systems

Transmission of Data

Automatic Marking

Problem Solving

EP Smart Lessons

Lessons are carefully constructed and designed to ensure your child masters an objective before moving on to the next step

Notes and Examples

Notes and examples are meticulously constructed and accompanied by engaging images and videos

Automarked Questions

Auto-marked and model answers provide timely and specific feedback to your child every step of the way

Enhance Higher-order Thinking

Our long-answer written responses and interactive scratchpad allow your child to respond expressively and flexibly

Practice Makes Perfect

EP Dash quiz uses spaced repetition and gamification to boost your child's knowledge acquisition and retention

"I find Education Perfect to be a great addition to the resources students can use to become more self-directed and responsible for their own learning. The ability to differentiate the students learning is priceless. I also love that EP is always seeking to upgrade their content and is so reactive to feedback from teachers and students."

- Donna Smith, John McGlashan College