Science: Investigate the Possibilities

EP Science provides learners with a rich bank of curriculum aligned resources, and is designed to both build knowledge and understanding and also promote a passion for science.

The lessons are organised in bite-sized chunks with plenty of supporting notes and practice questions. Learners can work through at their own pace and they are provided with instant feedback on their progress and opportunities to apply learning with extended answer questions.

The highly engaging content is arranged in curriculum-aligned folders to provide easy navigation to the level and topic that the learner needs.

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Engage your child in the joy of science

Deep curriculum coverage

Rich and flexible responses

Real world examples

Automatic marking

Model answers

Easy experiments

EP Smart Lessons

Lessons are carefully constructed and designed to ensure your child masters an objective before moving on to the next step

Notes and Examples

Notes and examples are meticulously constructed and accompanied by engaging images and videos

Automarked Questions

Auto-marked and model answers provide timely and specific feedback to your child every step of the way

Practice Makes Perfect

EP Dash quiz uses spaced repetition and gamification to boost your child's knowledge acquisition and retention

Enhance Higher-order Thinking

Our long-answer written responses and interactive scratchpad allow your child to respond expressively and flexibly

"An excellent tool to allow students to self-manage and self-pace their learning. I love the recommended lessons feature, that provides lesson suggestions to students based on the areas of their knowledge that require further development. Used for formative assessment, the data collection and analysis saves so much time that I can now spend on tailoring lessons to suit a wider range of learning needs!"

- Amy Markham, The Glennie School